Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Random haul!

Ok so this post was meant to go up before I went on holiday but I put up other posts instead, sorry. Anyway this is the other stuff that I bought for my holiday (the other stuff I bought is in my Primark haul here) so here is a lovely haul for you :D

Black dress from New Look – £9.99
Everyone needs a black dress. I’ve never owned a black dress before but I was in New Look and my Mum pointed it out to me and I fell in love with it when I tried it on, so  bought it!
Mint coloured top from H+M - £6.99
I thought that this would be really handy in America as it’s thin and loose and it did end up keeping me nice and cool on holiday.
Royal blue coloured top from H+M - £6.99
This is the same as the other one but in royal blue.
Leopard print vest top from H+M - £3.99
I LOVE leopard print so I had to buy this top!
Stripy vest top from H+M - £3.99
This is the same as the other vest top but stripy.
Hoop earings from Peacock - £1.50
I’m not really a fan of Peacock, but I did pop in and I saw that there were some really cool pieces of jewellery on sale so I had to buy them! These earings are so cool, I have to admit that I can’t see myself wearing them an awful lot however I think they’ll be fun for some special occasions.
Flower earings from Peacock - £3.50
Again these were on sale and I think that they are absolutely stunning! I’ve already worn them loads!!!
Bodycon dress from Apricot - £10
This was on sale and my Sister and Mum picked it out for me. I have never worn bodycon dresses because I feel that they amplify EVERY lump and bump I have, however I bought it for three reasons 1. My Mum and sister said I looked good in it 2. I think I need to get out my comfort zone once in a while and 3. My Mum offered to buy it for me ;D I have now worn it a couple of times and I do love it now!
I hope that you have enjoyed this quick haul! I have one more after this with the stuff that I bought on holiday, but after that I think I need to stop buying things or I’ll end up bankrupt before I’m even 18!
Have you bought any cool stuff for holidays over this summer?
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