Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Look Haul

I went to New Look the other day and picked up some really cute stuff for summer. I still think I'm buying these pieces at the wrong time of the year; it’s been raining non-stop recently, but I'm going to France in a few days so it might be a bit hotter there.

Handbag - £17.99
I used some vouchers that I still had left over from my birthday to buy this. I love this bag sooo much.  My last bag was also from New Look but it was slightly bigger and it had started to look tattered. I decided to go for a slightly smaller bag to stop me from filling it too much with rubbish. 

Skirt - £9.99
I think the pattern on this skirt is really pretty! I don’t like small floral prints or overly colourful prints as I think they can look a bit hectic. But this print is amazing, and because it’s just on a skirt it won’t be overpowering. 

Sandals - £7.99
I've been looking for some sandals for ages!!! I'm very fussy with shoes, especially sandals because I think lots of styles make my feet look weird. The only problem with these is that the strap is too loose around the back of my heel so I'm going to have to add an extra hole so I can fasten them tighter.

Earrings - £4.99
I had £20 worth of vouchers and you don’t get change from them, so I thought I’d use some of the leftover money from the bag I bought to buy these. I always seem to lose earring no matter how careful I am so I bought these to replace all my lost pairs.

Crop tops - £4.99 each

Crop tops are great to wear with skirts and I really like the style of these ones, so I bought them. The black one goes perfectly with the patterned pencil skirt I bought. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief New Look haul, I hope we get a bit of sun at some point so I can get some wear out of the clothes at some point.

Have you bought anything or had your eye on something from New Look recently?

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