Saturday, 28 September 2013

Spain | Day 2

On the second day we went to Puerto Banus which is one of the most posh places I’ve ever been to. Every corner we turned there was a Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini. I remember watching a Top Gear episode once and they did a challenge which was based around how many people stopped to take a picture of their cars. I thought that this was silly and that people were crazy for taking pictures of cars. However I found myself doing exactly the same thing walking along Puerto Banus  and I’m not even a big car person.


And there weren’t just fancy cars everywhere there were massive private boats in the harbour as well.

One of the Private boats we saw had a submarine, two jet skis and a helicopter pad on top! The people who owned it must  must have been loaded!!!

I also noticed this amazing dress in the shop window which cost around €10,000 (I’m going to have to save up my pocket money for a few more years and maybe get a job)

And lastly can we all take a minute quickly to admire the detailing on the shoes above, I’m not sure what occasion I would wear them for but they are amazing!

Spain | Day 1

I am really really really sorry that I haven't done a post for a few months now and I know that there is no excuse for it however I do have two excuses for it (I'll attempt to redeemed myself) Firstly I lost my camera charger which was a bummer because I had all my holiday photos on it but I finally got round to stealing my dad’s one so I now have a fully charged camera yey. Secondly I started sixth form this year and even though people warned me that there was going to be a lot of work, I underestimated what ‘a lot’ meant. Any way that’s my apology over so I can now explain the real reason that I am writing this post. In the summer holidays I went to Spain to see my family and I took lots of photos and had lots of fun so over the next couple of weeks am I’m going to share with you what I did. 

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Day 1

We started the day by going down to the beach and we tried calamari which is battered squid it sounds disgusting but it was actually ok! 
 The cafĂ© we sat in had an amazing view! And there was a massive cruise ship on the sea. I also think that the umbrellas in the picture are so cool!
We then went for a walk in the sunshine and we saw this awesome house (wouldn’t mind living there)

 We were staying at our Aunties house and she has two of the cutest dog the one above is called Jake and the one bellow is called Joey.

We didn’t do lots on the first day because we were a bit tired from getting up at ridiculous hour in the morning to catch the first flight.  But the weather was amazing! XX