Monday, 20 July 2015

I'm Back With a Primark Haul!

I have decided to start writing on my blog again!!! I stopped for quite a while as I had literally no spare time; I was applying to University and sitting loads of exams. But there is nothing else I can do now as all my exams are over :D Although that's terrifying as it now means everything is out of my control, it does mean that I now have lots of spare time, and I miss writing this blog so I'm back!!! I went for a quick trip to Primark the other day so I thought I’d share what I bought.

Palm Tree Top (or cannabis top as my sister calls it) - £10
I don’t really know why I bought this to be honest. My sister and I were at the end of our shopping trip and I randomly picked it up as I walked past. I love it despite the fact that a couple of people have said that it lookes like cannabis rather than palm trees.

Sunglasses - £1

ONE POUND FOR SUNGLASSES!!! I really needed sunglasses and I love these so I had to buy them, I also heard somewhere that Primark sunglasses are very good at protecting your eyes from UV light considering how cheap they are.

Bikini - £4
I bought a bikini the other day but I accidentally got the wrong size! It does still fit but I wanted to buy another one that fitted perfectly. My friend also egged me on to buy this.

Flip Flops - £2
I find flip flops the most comfortable footwear ever and I'm camping in a couple of weeks so these will be perfect. There was lots of choice of flip flops at Primark, as there is every year, but these ones stood out the most as I love Mickey Mouse.

Purse - £5
The main thing I went out to buy was a purse because I’ve had the same one for yeeaaaaarrrs and it really doesn’t go with my handbag. Originally I was going to buy a purse form New Look which kind of went with my bag but then I found this one in Primark and it matched my bag more and was way cheaper!!!

Rings - £3
I’ll be honest… I have no clue why I bought these! I guess there was some weird force encouraging me to buy them and I’m only human so I didn’t have the strength to resist. Basically I thought they were really pretty so I bought them.

Bikini Cover Up - £10
Again, I don’t know why I bought this but I tried it on with a bikini in the changing room and it looked really pretty so I had to buy it.

Okey Dokey, that’s it. I’m beginning to think that I’ve bought these things for summer at the wrong time. When I bought them it was really hot and felt like summer was in full swing, but since then it’s been raining the whole time!!!

Have you bought anything from Primark or anywhere else recently?

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  1. I love those sunglasses I wish we had primark in the US!


    1. Thanks :D The US has loads of cool places as well like Walmart, CVS and Target, I wish we had some of those!!!

  2. Those Mickey Mouse flip flops=LOVE!

    1. I know!!! They're sooooo cute <3 But I've worn them so much mickey's face is rubbing off :(

  3. Replies
    1. I love it too!!! I haven't had a chance to wear it yet though

  4. I love all the primark stuff you bought! I like the clutch! :D

    1. Thank you :D It looks sooo much better than my old one and matches my new hand bag perfectly