Saturday, 9 August 2014

Primark haul!

I went shopping in oxford recently and I wanted to share what I bought with you. I bought quite a lot so I’ve split it up into two hauls this one is a Primark haul and the other one is everything else I bought (can you tell what is my favourite shop)!


Shoes - £8
I didn’t have a pair of smart shoes and I saw these in Primark for only £8 and I had to buy them! They also look great with a bright coloured nail varnish on your toes because it just peeps out.

Flower band for a bun - £2
I love the look of flowers in peoples hair, I think it looks so girly, but I’m not confident enough to wear the big head bands so I thought that flowers around a bun would look equally as pretty and is easier to wear. Plus when I’m on holiday it will be hot so I’ll probably wear a bun because it gets my hair off my shoulders and this band will make them look fancier.

Bow hair clip - £1.50
I don’t know why I bought this but it looks really pretty and I will definitely be wearing it on my holiday.

Necklace - £3

This necklace looks so cool and for only £3 who could resist?

Top - £4
Originally my sister picked this out and when I saw it on her in the changing room I had to try it on and she kindly said that I could get it :D . It looks really cool over a white strappy top with denim shorts!

Shorts - £10
I only really wear normal denim shorts but I thought that I would go out of my comfort zone and buy these patterned shorts.

Shorts - £10
I bought these for the same reason as the previous ones. I love them both and they look great with bright coloured tops.

Checked top - £8
I love this top I just grabbed it on the way to the changing room and I’m so glad that I did. It looks amazing with the black short that I bought. I don’t know how but it looks dressed up and casual both at the same time.

2 White tops - £2 each
I never usually wear white as it makes me look really washed out however with a tan (mostly fake I admit) I look good in white tops. I bought two because they get stained easily especially when wearing sun cream and in holiday it’s hard to wash things, plus they were only £2 each!

Black shorts - £3
Black shorts go with anything, they hide dirt, they are flattering and they were only £3… do I need to say any more?!

I hope you enjoyed this post :D I love watching and reading hauls, especially Primark ones because Primark doesn’t have a website.
Have you bought anything from primark recently?
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  1. I love primark, it has some great stuff!
    Lovely buys!
    Those shoes are so gorgeous and I'm lovin the patterned shorts
    Need to go pick up some items from primark too :P xx

    Beauté Within | Brittish Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you :) I wore the patterned shorts the other day and they're lovely!

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award for new bloggers check it out here:

    1. Thank you so much! I have already been nominated though, you can check out that post here

  3. This is a great post! x