Saturday, 5 April 2014

No-heat Waves

For some reason recently I've been having no spare time in the morning to straighten my hair. So this trick is awesome because in the morning all you have to do is untie your hair and if it turns out well then that’s it or if it looks weird you can just tie it up!  So here’s how I did it;
First I towel dried my hair.
Then I put some of the moose and the serum through my hair and sprayed it with a bit of hair spray (I probably didn’t need all of the products but it makes me feel processional when I use them.)
Next I split my hair down the back into two equal sections. Then on the first side I started twisting the hair from the top gathering pieces as I went down.
When I reached the top of my neck I tied it with a hair bobble while I did the same twisting to the other side. Then I took out the hair bobble and gathered both sides together.
The next bit was slightly tricky; I split all the hair into three sections and plated it down the back.
Then I slept with it all in!
In the morning I simply took the braid out! and that was it!
One thing I would say is DON’T BRUSH IT!!! This makes it go frizzy. If need to you could add a bit more product to help it stay in, but I just left it.
This look is so easy and it’s definitely worth giving a try. Bye! Bye! Xx

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  1. I also love sea salt spray for texture!