Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I'm am now officially a sixth former and it's safe to say that it is a massive jump from GCSE's. While I was doing my GCSE's its clear that I wasn't the best at being organised. I spent plenty of lunchtimes and break times frantically copying homework from my patient friends, and lots of late nights trying to revise 6 months worth of work when a test I'd forgotten about suddenly popped up. For the most part it worked, it probably wasn't the most efficient way of getting through my GCSE's but I came out of school with a good set of results under my belt! Then A Levels started... And I realised I was going to have to organise my life. So here is a list of the tips and tricks that I've developed to help me keep organised and hopefully help you out as well.

Tip 1 - Boxes

I have on box for each of my subjects except Media which I don’t have many folders for yet. These boxes are amazing and they came in lots of different patterns and were 2 for £10 in the Works!


                                              Tip 2 - An array of folders

Folders become your new best friend in sixth form. I started the year with one folder for each subject then that got too big so changed to a folder per two subjects then that go too big so changed to one folder per subject then that got too big so now I have around 3 folders per subject.


Tip 3 - Pots to organise use desk

You can get really pretty pots to use on your desk and I may change mine to more fancy ones soon. They are so useful and I even have one pot on my bedside table so I can do homework without ever leaving my bed (Lazy teenager tip!)


Tip 4 - White Board

This is great for writing important homework down so you hopefully don’t forget to do it.

Tip 5 - Post it notes  

I think that these are handy for when you are borrowing a text book for school because you can write notes on them without marking the book.

Tip 6 - Colour coded stickers

I use these to colour code all my folders so if some get mixed up I know what subject it belongs to.

Tip 7 - An endless supply of file dividers  

You can never have enough of these! They help so much at neatly separating your work out into sections.

 Tip 8 - Phone calendar

This is an amazing invention! I find this more useful that a school planner or wall calendar because I never check those as much as I check my phone. Also you can make your phone ring out loud when there’s something important that you need to remember. 
I hope that at least one of these tips will be useful for you. I might keep reading this post in the future to make sure that I'm still sticking to these organisational ideas.
See you next time :D Bye! Bye! XX


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