Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Coping With Dry Skin

I think that I'm quite lucky in that I've never really had a big problem with my skin. I go through phases of getting a few spots across my T zone but it's never something that a bit of concealer can't hide. However I suffer from very dry skin especially in the winter so I'm going to share my 'expertise' on how to deal with dry skin.


About once a week in the evening I use Nivea Crème on my face. It's a very heavy moisturiser so I wouldn't use it in the morning but it's amazing to use in the evening.

I also use E45 on my face every morning as a primer. I find that most normal primers are mattifying and dry my skin out more. Plus I love E45 and it is amazing for dry skin.

Face Wash

I try to avoid and face scrubs because I've used them in the past and they dry my skin out so much! So when I'm suffering from a few spots in my face I use Witch Hazel. All you have to do is tip it on to a cotton pad like you do with nail varnish remover and then smooth it over your face. I think this is so good to use on dry skin because it isn't too harsh on your face but it somehow gets rid of any spot problems I have. 
Also every morning I exfoliate my face GENTLY. All I do is splash my face with water then use a towel to dry my face while rubbing it to remove and dry flaky skin (lovely!)


I used to use Maybelline dream Matte Mousse for my foundation in the morning. One tip, NEVER USE THIS IF YOU HAVE DRY SKIN!!! I would say that if you have dry skin then stick to liquid foundations because they tend to have more moisture in them. I use Rimmel Match Perfection in the shade Light Porcelain (Because my skins so pale, I swear I have some vampire in me somewhere down the line.) 

I would say that even if you have dry skin you should always use a bit of powder on your face to set your foundation and also to prevent it from slipping throughout the day. I am currently using Rimmel Clear Complexion. But only dust a light layer on because otherwise it will suck all the moisture out you face. 

I hope that if you also suffer from dry skin then this post helped you out a bit, I know how having dry skin sucks! See you next week BYE! BYE! XX


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