Friday, 20 December 2013

Spain | Day 6

On day 6 we went to a water park so obviously I didn't talk any pictures, however I do have a great story to tell. When people have asked me in the past about my 'most embarrassing moment' I've never had anything to say, however this day at the water park provided me with the perfect story in response to that question...

I’d been on some of the scariest rides in the park with my Dad and sister so we decided to go on one of the calmer rides with my Mum as well. So we queued up for a water slide that was a simple strait down slide. There were four rows next to each other so my family lined up to race each other down to the bottom. Whilst I was at the top of the slide I noticed that the life guard at the bottom was absolutely gorgeous! He had an amazing six pack and his hair was amazing and everything about him was amazing. I was so glad I’d put my water proof mascara on and my favourite bikini on. So then I launched myself down the slide. The water started to spray all over my face then somehow my whole body twisted round so I was then going head first down the slide while struggling to breath. Then suddenly my bikini bottoms whipped off as I entered head first into the water! I was franticly trying to pull up my bottoms, trying to regain my breath. I came up to the surface after sorting my bikini bottoms and I think I got away with it, so I was walking confidently out of the pool (still mesmerised by the  life guard). Then as I walked out of the pool I looked down and found that my bikini top had slipped right down, and I was exposing myself to the world… I wanted the ground to swallow me up.  


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