Sunday, 22 December 2013

Barry M Textured Glitter Nail Paint - Review

I thought that I would do this review now because I think that this nail polish would be great to wear on Christmas day. I brought this polish randomly really when I was out Christmas shopping with my sister. We were in Super drug and I saw a stand with some of the textured Barry M nail polishes and thought ‘I’m buying loads of presents other people so I’ll buy a present for me!’

  • You only need one coat of this varnish and that is it. I’ve had other glittery polishes and they’ve needed at least two coats to cover the nails in glitter.
  • It dries really quickly which is always good!
  • It’s really cheap! I think it was only about £4.00
  • I’ve had to reapply the tips of my nails a couple of times however that happens with lots of polishes.  
  • This isn’t really a con but more of a personal thing. I like how smooth my nails feel after I’ve painted them but because this is a glittery polish they’re rough. But If I put a top coat on then I’m sure they would be smooth.

Over all I would 100% recommend this nail varnish I think that it’s amazing!!!

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