Saturday, 28 September 2013

Spain | Day 2

On the second day we went to Puerto Banus which is one of the most posh places I’ve ever been to. Every corner we turned there was a Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini. I remember watching a Top Gear episode once and they did a challenge which was based around how many people stopped to take a picture of their cars. I thought that this was silly and that people were crazy for taking pictures of cars. However I found myself doing exactly the same thing walking along Puerto Banus  and I’m not even a big car person.


And there weren’t just fancy cars everywhere there were massive private boats in the harbour as well.

One of the Private boats we saw had a submarine, two jet skis and a helicopter pad on top! The people who owned it must  must have been loaded!!!

I also noticed this amazing dress in the shop window which cost around €10,000 (I’m going to have to save up my pocket money for a few more years and maybe get a job)

And lastly can we all take a minute quickly to admire the detailing on the shoes above, I’m not sure what occasion I would wear them for but they are amazing!

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