Monday, 5 May 2014

Makeup Sort Out

I had a big sort out of my entire makeup drawer (instead of revising) and I thought that I would share with you some of the products that I’ve decided to throw out.

Wet n Wild Megalast nail varnish
Most of these short reviews are negative (hence the reason I'm throwing the products away) however this one is positive! I bought these nail varnishes in America last year. They only need one coat of the polish and they last forever. The only reason I’m throwing them out is because they’ve gone clumpy which is a real shame :’(.


Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
Thought I'd throw this on in there, I mentioned in my 'ALetter to the Past' post how a few years ago I'd bought two dream matte Mouse pots. I found them! One of them is half used so I'll throw that away but the other one wasn't even opened! (I might have to keep it for emergencies
Hit The Spot Concealer

This was a concealer that my Mum bought for me. It smells like spot cream so you would expect it to actually work. But it did not do what it said on the package! It was so cakey that even with makeup remover wipes you had to scrub so hard that it aggravated blemishes even more. -_-

Technic Fruity Lip Gloss

Wow this bought back memories! It was one of the first lip glosses in ever bought (this one was a replacement.) This is the worst lipgloss EVER! It's so sticky and the texture is disgusting. I think the only reason I repurchased this was that eeerrrrrrmmmm... I had nothing better to buy?

Collection 2000 Skylash Waterproof Mascara
This is another product that I actually liked! It's been empty for about a year now, I just don't regally sort out my makeup. I wore it to a water park and it didn't smudge or rub off throughout the whole day!

Natural collection Sheer Natural Lip Colour
As you can probably tell from the picture I have no trouble throwing this lipstick away. When I first bought this lipstick I thought it was okay, the pigment wasn't amazing bit I didn't hate it. NOW I BLOODY HATE IT!!! It starts off looking like a normal lip balm but when you try to get more colour out it turns gold!
Miss Sporty So Clear and So Energetic
I used these foundations even before I used the Dream Matte Mousse. At the time they suited my needs, I didn't have a huge amount of spots so I didn't need a thick coverage, however now I have more spots :( so I won't buy them again. Even if they did still suit my skin, they are probably over 2 years old now so it would be kind of gross to use them.

Hope you enjoyed this odd post! XX

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