Sunday, 26 May 2013

5 things that made up my childhood

I was born in 1997 so to be honest I can't remember the 90's so I think that makes me a 00's kid. These are five things that made up my childhood leading up to the present day because technically I’m still a child.

1.      Tamagotchi's- I remember having one in primary school and the teachers banned us from taking them to school. So I had to give it to my mum to look after while I was at school and she kept forgetting about it so when I came home it would be dead. You became one of the most popular kids if you had the guts to take it to school in your school bag.
2.      Club penguin- almost everyone had a club penguin and I remember spending ages on that game where you had to catch the coffee bags, it was so cool.
3.      Come outside- this was my favourite TV show of all time, I wanted a dog like pippin and an aeroplane so much every time I watched it.
4.      The Wishing Chair Collection- This was one of the many Enid Blyton books that I as addicted to as a kid. Other books included, My Naughty Little Sister and all The Famous Five books.
5.      The Freedom- this is a bit cheesy but serious I miss not having to worry about anything. I know that I don’t have an awful lot to worry about now because I don’t have to worry about bills and a job, but compared to a few years ago I have a lot more to think about, I’m starting SIXTH FORM in September, and that’s crazy!


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